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So you want to track calories, Well, using an app is by far the easiest way to do this, but there’s so many to choose from. There are multiple of them. The question is how you pick which app to use.

I want  to discuss the top two apps that I’ve used that  I currently use and that I recommend to my clients  that I think that you would get the most out of.  And there are quite a few apps out there and most of them should give you the basics of what you’re going to need in order to get good results.

Weight Loss Calories Calculator

When it comes to tracking  your calories, tracking your macronutrients,  whatever it is that you’re tracking, it should  give you pretty much whatever you’re going to need,  regardless of which app you use, some are going to  be better for different reasons.

Some not so good.  The first thing that I do want to point out is that I’m not affiliated with either one of these apps. These are just the apps that I currently like based on my usage, based on what I recommend to my clients and feedback that I get. The two that I like, one is going to be the top one that is completely free and the other one is going to be a paid app.

Weight Loss Calories Calculator Cronometer

And I’ll kind of discuss the differences between the two. As I mentioned, the majority of the tracking apps should have some of the basic functions. You want to make sure that it’s got stuff like being able to scan your barcode so that it automatically uploads the food. You want to make sure that you have the ability to copy your previous day. So if you eat a lot of the same foods over and over again, whatever you ate on Monday, you can copy it to Tuesday and change it.

Best Weight Loss Calories Calculator

If need be. That makes things a lot easier. You want to make sure that it’s got a recipe function so that you can input recipes that you use on a regular basis. Most of these basic things should be in just about all the apps. Of course, they’re in both  of the apps that I’m going to talk about today,  but you want to make sure that it’s got some  of those basics, especially that that barcode  scanner, that’s going to be the easiest one for  you to go through and to make sure that it’s got  a decent amount of options.

whenever you are inputting, like if you go out to eat like national restaurant chains or fast food places, anything like that, making it a lot easier to track.

Cronometer is Free Android App to Download

So starting off with my top free app. Now, the one that I would recommend is called cronometer. This app specifically is a free app. Now it’s got a paid version. I typically don’t recommend the paid version to any of my clients. I’ve utilized it before. There’s not really anything in there that you’re going to need unless you just want to pay for it.

Download Free Cronometer

Free Calories Calculator

But the free version will give you absolutely everything you need is going to have all the basics that I mentioned. Here’s the biggest reason why I like cronometer every single person that I’ve come across. And I asked him this one question, have you tracked your micronutrients? Have you ever tracked your vitamins and minerals? Do you have any idea how much of everybody minute mineral you were getting? And typically the answer is no, I’ve never done it. I’ve never paid any attention.

Weight Loss with Multivitamins


Just tried taking a multivitamin, something along those lines. All right. And no judgment here.  I didn’t track most of my micronutrients for  a long time, but the biggest reason that I like  cronometer Weight loss Calories Calculator is that it does just that for you,  depending upon how you use cronometer, it  will track all of your vitamin intake, all  of your mineral intake from your food.

And it’s still included in the free version of this app. It makes it great because then you can look  back and say, Oh, well consistently I’m not  getting enough, whatever vitamin and mineral, I’m  not getting enough zinc. I’m not getting enough.

Vitamin D I’m not getting enough magnesium, whatever it is that you’re getting. And you’re able to look at it of an average over a week’s time because if you don’t get enough of vitamin and mineral in one day, that’s not typically what’s going to cause problems. It’s going to be all right.

Free Best Calories Calculator

You’re consistently not getting enough vitamin C week after week, month after month. And it becomes more of a problem. And you  can start to look at these averages and say, well, over the last week, over the last month,  I’m not getting enough of this in so that you can  figure out, well, maybe I need to supplement  with this or add in some type of food that  has a lot of that specific vitamin and mineral.

Track your Daily Calories and Weight Loss

So it’s really nice. It’s just kind of an added thing to look at. That’s something that we should probably at least be somewhat paying attention to honestly, to make sure that we’re not creating any long-term deficiencies. And this is the biggest reason why I really love this app and recommend people get really used to it because once they get good at the basics of tracking their calories, macronutrients, whatever it is that they’re paying attention to, then they can start looking at the vitamin and mineral intake as well as kind of a next-level into paying attention to their nutrition.

Cronometer Help you to calculate the Calories

Now, one of the things that I kind  of a negative side effect to using cronometer Weight Loss best for Track Daily Calories  is whenever it inputs your calories for you,  and it gives you a calorie range, I’m not a big  fan of the ones that they use. I’ve actually done a video on how to calculate your calorie range.

Easily you can Burn your Fats


If you’re looking for fat loss, if you need any help with coming up with a good calorie range for you specifically for fat loss, I would not recommend that you use this app for that specific. You want to come up with a calorie range, otherwise than using this app that would be the only downside, but cronometer the free app that I recommend really well at tracking vitamins and minerals. Plus all the basics now going into the next one, my top paid app, the one that I would recommend is called carbon diet coach. It’s a really solid app.

I recommend the Weight Loss Calories Calculator


I used it a couple of months on my own. I’ve recommended it to a few clients of mine. It’s a really good app. You pay, I want to say it was like nine 99 a month. Don’t quote me on that, but it should be pretty close to that. It was created by a guy named lane Norton and a few other people. And I followed lane for a lot of years.

How to Calculate Calories

He puts out a lot of really good science-based content. Again, I’m not affiliated with him or his app. I just really like this app from what I’ve gotten use out of it.  And again, recommending it to certain people.  It’s got, again, all the basic functions that  I mentioned that all of these apps should have,  but when you get into the paid version of this  app, essentially what you’re getting that’s  really, really neat is that it will refine your  nutritional recommendations based on the progress  that you’re getting.

Fat Loss Calculator


So like you’ll be inputting your weight, different factors of tracking whether or not you’re making. So like if your goal is  fat loss and you’re weighing in every single day,  this, I was going to specifically look at  what you’re weighing and see if you’re making  progress and if you’re not making progress. So then we’ll automatically start to adjust your calorie ranges based on trying to reach your goal. It makes it very nice. Helps you to break through plateaus.

Track your Calories with this Calculator


It’ll tell you when to make changes and when not to make changes if it feels that you are making the progress that you should be making, which is really nice. I haven’t seen any other apps out there that do this. There might be, but if there’s, if there is, I’m not aware of it, I think that’s a really, really cool function.  One of the other functions that I really like about this is if you are calorie tracking, most people understand that you don’t have to hit your calorie numbers perfectly.

Daily Basis you can Calculate Calories


On a daily basis.  It’s really more about what you’ve done as an average over the week. So what’s really neat about this is let’s say your calorie goal is 2000 calories and I’m just making up numbers. But if your goal is 2000 calories a day, and  if you end up going over that one day, for  whatever reason, maybe you, you kind of fell off  for the day or whatever, and you ended up eating  2200 calories.

Then what this app does for you automatically is it takes that excess number of calories for that day and starts to average it out to where you’ll eat a little bit less over the next few days, so that your weekly average still comes out to 2000 calories. And it does this for you automatically, which is a really neat function, honestly, because most of us we’re all human.

We ended up going over when we shouldn’t, we make mistakes, and we eat things that you know, more than we should at times. And that’s okay. That’s the benefit of utilizing this. It allows you to still hit that calorie range because it’ll automatically adjust everything for you. So again, it’s a really neat app. It’s a paid one.  You’re going to get a lot more benefit out of it if you are willing to pay the $10 a month for it. but it’s something that I would highly recommend.

Weight Loss Calories Calculator Cronometer is Free

So cronometer for sure as the top free paid one, and then the carbon diet coach as the top paid one. Now, you know, my favorite  apps that I use and recommend to my clients  for tracking calories, but there’s more to  long-lasting weight loss than just tracking  calories because of that, I’ve actually created  a completely free guide is the yo-yo dieting  cure guide to help you stop yo-yo dieting again,  completely free. I’m going to give it to you guys.  All you have to do is go to, click the link, and download it again.  Completely free, kind of helps map out the top 10 steps that I recommend to stop yo-yo dieting and to create an overall nutritional lifestyle. So check that out. Hopefully, it’s helpful to you.

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