Weight Loss at Home | Burn Fast Fat by Exercise

What’s up, it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another vlog. Today, I’m gonna be showing you how to burn fat fast right from home without any equipment. And to do that, we’re going to need to be applying these five things. The first thing is being on a caloric deficit,

Preferably a 300 to 500 calorie deficit. As well as avoiding sodas, sugary drinks and processed foods. So your main goal should be to burn more calories than you’re consuming on a daily basis. And that’s going to lead us to the second thing that you should be doing to burn fat fast from home, and that’s going to be consuming more protein and filling up on veggies. High protein intake will boost your metabolism and help you to burn more calories as well as build more muscle.

And having more muscle mass , you’ll burn more calories as opposed to having more fat tissue. And that’s because muscle tissue is metabolically more active and burns more calories than fat tissue. Now you also want to be filling up on your veggies because e they’re filled with lots of water, vitamins, and fiber. And they’re also low in calories, helping g you to stay full in a deficit. Now, the third thing you want to be doing is drinking more water. Water is required to metabolize, stored fat and carbohydrates. Water helps Remo ve waste from your body. And it also assists in your workouts. Keeping your body hydrated and help reduce muscle cramps and fatigue. Drinking water can also suppress your appetite,

Which is another great way to help you maintain your caloric deficit. Now, the fourth thing you want to be doing is making sure that you’re getting enough sleep Sleep enhances your physical activity as well as prevents insulin resistance. So n otonly will  getting enough sleep you more energy to burn more calories, but you’re also allowing your mu scle fibers to rep air and recover, preventing injury and improving your gas ins. Now , on the other hand, poor sleep can actually de crease your resting metabolism, causing g you to burn even less calories. So it’s important that you’re   getting enough sleep and rest and allowing your body to recover.

Now, moving onto the fifth and last thing.  That’s going to be, of course, working out. Not only does it burn calories,   but it also increases your metabolism. Working out will also allow you to build muscle. Which h will help prevent muscle lesson a caloric deficit. Now when you’re trying to burn fat fast,   your goal would be to burns many calories as you can in the least amount of time. And to do that you need to select exercises for your work out that are effective at burning calories and that you can do for adoration of time. And preferably, high interval training style. HIIT training is way more effective at burning calories than steady state cardio when it comes to burning calories  effectively in the le ast amount of time. And HIIT training has an after burn effect that will allow you to continue to burn calories  throughout the day even after you’ve completed your workout.

And that’ s exactly what we’ll be doing today to burn fat fast from home without any equipment. So if you’re ready to get started, all you’re going to need is to make some space.  Then download the Heria Pro app if you haven’t already in the App Store or Google Play Store. Open up to the You Tube workout section, you should find this routine and then you’re ready  to get started. We have seven highly effective calorie  burning exercises. We’re going to be going for 45 seconds e ach exercise, with a  15 second rest in-between. This is how we’re gonna incorporate  HIIT training,  \allowing  us to burn more calories effectivelyin a shorter amount of time and continue to burn calorie seven after we finish this workout.


Weight Loss by Yoga at Home

So if  you’re ready to get started, we’re gonna start with the first\exercise, a go od warm up. That’s going to be high knee taps for 45seconds.You’regonna come up with one  knee. Then up with th e other. Squeeze your core, regulate your  breathing.(upbeat music)  You want to go at your own p ace, don’ t gas yourself out. Just start warming up your body. Here we go. Five, four, three, two, and one.  All right, there we have it. The very first exercise, great warm up. N ow we’re gonna be getting into some thing a little mo re intense, bringing up the intensity with some burgees.  No w there’s different levels of burpees.So I  want you to choose a level  that’ s going to challenge you, but allow you to do it for a full45\seconds. So if you’re a complete beginner want you to c ome down .stand up. If you want to take it up,  th row a push-up in there.Next level, add a jump. If you  want to add more intensity,  bring up your knees.(upbeat music) Five, four, three, two, one.  All right, there we go with the second exercise. Bringing up the intensity and now we’re going to bring it a bit back down. The next exercise is jumping jacks



Burn Fats Fast as you Can

So take a second to catch your breath. In through your nose out through your mouth. We’re ready to get started. Now you want to squeeze your core the entire time as well as regulate your breathing. If you do feel fatigued at any moment, of course, you can slow down. But don’t stop. If you do need to stop, take a second to catch your breath and then keep on going. (upbeat music) You want to keep going for the full 45 seconds to create your high intensity. Here we go, last couple seconds. Five, four, three, two, and one. All right, moving on. Next exercise we’re going to get into is gonna be push-ups. Bringing up the intensity again for this next exercise. If you can’t do push-ups for a full 45 seconds, I want you to do them on an elevated surface. Choose an elevation that’s gonna challenge you, but allow you to complete push-ups for a full 45 seconds. We’re gonna go all the way down. Chest to the ground, back up. You wanna squeeze with your hands as well as your core.

Weight Loss by Walking it Simple

Keep your whole body straight. (upbeat music) Last couple seconds. Five, four, three, two, one. All right, 15 second break. Next exercise we’re gonna get into is gonna be another core killer. That’s gonna be high plank to low plank. As you can see, now we’re using different angles and body positions. Not only to engage our core, but to help us burn more calories, which is gonna help us burn more fat. So let’s get into position. We’re gonna go for 22 seconds on one side, and then we’re gonna go 22 seconds on the other side. So you want to get into a high plank. Then get down one arm at a time into low plank. Keep your core tight.

All right, take a tiny little break, 15 seconds. We’re getting into the next exercise, again we’re gonna switch the position. We’re gonna go for bicycles. And for this exercise, you want to lay flat on your back. I’m already starting to break a sweat. Here we go. One leg fully extended. The opposing knee is gonna come up, touch your elbow.


Full extension. Again, you want to create that intensity. Try not slow down.

But if you need, to go ahead. You can slow it down, but do not stop. Almost there, we just have one more exercise after this. Here we go, last couple reps. Give it everything you got. We’re gonna go for switching lunges for a full 45 seconds. You want to give it everything you got for this last exercise. Now, if you have bad knees or you can’t jump for whatever reason, you can always get into the lunge and just walk it out. For everybody else, I want you to jump and give it everything you got. Last exercise, let’s go for it.


Easy Steps to Exercise at Home

Last exercise to end this routine. And I’m drenched in sweat, in just seven minutes without the need of any equipment right from home. So make sure to do this routine and follow these five steps to be burning fat fast from home. And if you were able to get through this routine with me, congratulations. You’re on your way to getting shredded and building a solid physique. And the more you do this, you’re gonna be able to go for more rounds. And to benefit the most out of this routines, you want to be able to do it at least three to four rounds to complete the routine. And don’t forget to get this workout as well as access to all my personal workouts and workout programs that I’ve created with specific goals in mind, like burning fat while simultaneously building solid muscle with minimal to no equipment, then make sure you download the Heria Pro app in the App Store or Google Play Store, then become a member at heriapro.com and get full access to all my routines, workout programs and the actual workouts that I’m doing each day. It’s like having me as a personal trainer right in your pocket.

So make sure you’ve downloaded the Heria Pro app if you haven’t already. And if you enjoyed the video and you’d like this workout, then definitely smash that like button. Leave a comment down below, let me know we want the next video to be about, and share this video with a friend that’s trying to burn fat fast from home. And of course, if you haven’t already, make sure you’ve hit that subscribe button. I post every single Thursday, 2 p.m. USA Eastern Time. And if you comment within the first 30 minutes, you always have a chance to win some free Heria apparel. And for more of my content during the week, make sure you’re following on Instagram. Almost every single post, I always do some type of giveaway. So if you want a chance to be a part of that, make sure you follow me on IG. And lastly, before I go, we have just restocked a couple of days ago on our weight vest. And they’re almost all sold out. So make sure you pick one up at chrisheria.com before they’re all sold out again and you have to wait for the restock. But we’ll be restocking very soon.


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