Recovering from Corona, these are useful diet tips

After recovering from Corona, is it enough to come back with a negative report? No recovery is needed even after a Covid recovery. This is health recovery.

In fact, care is needed after covid recovery . Most patients report weakness as a major problem after covid recovery .

It is not easy to get out of this weakness, but for this, many changes related to living have to be made. Food and drink also have to be paid a lot of attention.8 Popular Weight Loss Diets Revised

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If you or someone in your family is going through a post-Kovid recovery phase, then these improvements will have to be made by Dr. Bharti Dixit , Assistant Professor and Nutritionist at Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University , Kanpur . After the Kovid recovery on the internet too, these searches related to care are happening very much-

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Fruit will to Recover

Talking about care after Kovid recovery, it will be beneficial for you to consume different types of fruits. Try to start your morning with fruits like pomegranate, orange, apple and papaya.

Fruit juice can also be drunk at this time. Fruits are a special source of vitamins and antioxidants. Antioxidants help to increase oxygen and eject toxins. At the same time, the vitamins present in it reduce body repair. 

Vegetables will treat

Your body also needs to include more and more vegetables in its diet. Green leafy vegetables like beetroot, carrot, tomato and spinach will also help you.

Actually, vegetables are rich in minerals, sodium, potassium, magnesium and vitamins, which make you feel energized. Pod vegetables also contain protein.

Milk Habit

Many people do not like to drink milk. You may not even like milk at all, but after covid recovery, you also need care.

Therefore, make milk your partner at this time. Drinking lukewarm milk everyday with turmeric will be beneficial for you. By this, bones will also get strength and weakness will also be reduced.

Water is life

You must have heard that ‘water is life’. But now it is time to implement it in life. Water plays a big role in the care during recovery from Kovid and after recovery from Kovid. If not enough water is being drunk, coconut water, juice, lemonade etc. can also be drunk.

Protein rich food

After recovery from Kovid, this phase of weakness will become easier when you take a high protein diet. But during this time, remember that protein is natural.

For this, milk protein, boiled egg, oats, flaxseed, fish etc. can be selected. Protein is very important for the formation of new tissue in the body and repair of the old.

You can also eat rajma, chickpeas, chicken etc. But do not eat red meat as it does not digest the existing fat lord quickly.

Lung Exercises

Exercise is very important for a healthy body anyway. Now when it is taken care of after recovery from Kovid, then exercise becomes more important. You have to do lung relaxant exercises at this time, Breathing Exercises can be done in it.

Benefits of Vitamins

Eat juicy fruits like mussi, orange etc. Their intake will help you to overcome weakness after recovery from Kovid. The vitamin C in it will only save you from getting sick.

Vitamin D will also be needed at this time. For this, eat things like mushrooms, flaxseed. Sit only for a few minutes, but also sit in the sun. You also have to eat zinc in vitamins. Zinc is found in plenty in Kiwi, so also in dry fruit and coconut water.

Take care of diet plan too (Follow Diet Plan)

  • Morning- Drink honey and lemon in a glass of lukewarm water.
  • Breakfast-Oats / Screaming / Poha and Tea
  • About an hour after breakfast- apple / orange / watermelon
  • Lunch-paneer / beans / beans, 1 cup lentils, half cup rice, salad
  • Evening – Sprouted Cereals / Linseed Laddus
  • Dinner – gourd / ladyfinger / pumpkin, lentils, roti
  • Before bed- walnuts / almonds, 1 glass of skimmed milk

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