Rebel Wilson Weight loss

Rebel Wilson Weight loss 2020

 Although 2020 has hit many like a ton of bricks, it would seem that ironically it was also the year of health and change for many celebrities like Rebel Wilson. As yet another one is making headlines for her life-changing weight loss. We all know Rebel Wilson for her charm, wit, and often blunt sense of humor and of courses her iconic portrayal of Fat Amy.

Rebel Wilson 2020 Weight Loss

But recently she has been making headlines for her incredible body transformation! Claiming 2020 as her own many has been praising the actress for taking her health into her own hands. But at the same time, some have wondered if being called ‘Fat Amy’ took its toll on the actress, making her feel as though she will never be taken seriously in her industry.

So the question is,

  • why did Rebel Wilson decide to make this change and why now?
  • Did Rebel Wilson fitness fanatic boyfriend play a bigger role than what she is leading on?
  • Or was the pressure of Hollywood too much for her to cope with mentally?

we know about the build-up and the aftermath of Rebel Wilson’s dramatic weight loss. The actress first made it to Hollywood. When Rebel Wilson set out to pursue an acting career, in her twenties, she quickly found her calling to comedy.

Rebel Wilson Studied in New South Wales

She attended the University of New South Wales and very quickly found her footing on stage. It might come as a surprise but she initially had her heart set on becoming an actor for serious leads. Her audiences however had a different interpretation other performances.

Rebel Wilson Says that

She say “I thought I was playing a serious role. I got visibly quite angry that people were laughing at me. And then people would laugh more. I thought, fat is funny, in a weird way.

“It was then when she decided it would be her game plan. Thinking that “fat is funny”. Unfortunately for Rebel Wilson, this meant that she would start her acting career under the impression that people find it easier to laugh at (also quote) bigger girls.

At the time, the actress realized that there was a lack of comedic Australian actors who brought their own style to Hollywood. Everyone conformed to what they thought the City of Angels wanted from them. So, the up and coming actress saw an opening and took the very first chance she got.

When Rebel Wilson in 30 Year

Rebel Wilson was thirty when she moved to Los Angeles in an attempt to make it in Hollywood. Bearing mind that she already had a pretty successful career in Australia. And even though everyone back home thought that the cards would be stacked against her, she refused to listen and kept her eye on the prize. “No one thought I would be a feature film actress crushing it around the world, but beat the odds and have achieved so much “Rebel was signed to a casting agency after only two days in L.A.

Agents realized that they didn’t have anyone with her looks or personality in their books. They saw her uniqueness compared to the rest of Hollywood as a really good thing. The actress went on to star in successful films that we all know and love such as Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect, and How to Be Single. Knowing there aren’t many romantic comedies starring plus-size women she dipped her toes into producing and starred in her very own room.

“There’s a lot of pressure on women, especially younger women, to conform to the thin body image. Not everyone can be that way and no one should be ashamed of how they look. “On top of that, she has been a fierce advocate for women’s body positivity, especially for plus-size women.

Being a plus-size actress herself she knew that she would be a role model for many and she has taken this role very seriously. In terms of how Hollywood treats plus size women, Rebel never accepts things as they are, especially if they are unfair. So in 2015, she announced collaboration with plus-size brand Torrid. Hoping that it would make more women like her bring out their inner confidence.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Story 2020

Like the confidence, she has presented to the rest of the world. Despite constant speculation about her weight, the actress has always stayed very positive about it. But it would seem as though this confidence has not always been the reality in Rebel Wilson’s personal life. Hollywood can be harsh to many and unfortunately the actress seemed to be one of the industry’s many victims. So what happened that made Wilson decide to make such a big change in her life at forty years old?

Rebel Wilson Interview in 2020


Wilson explained in a 2020 interview that she was never really focused on her health. She loved eating and for years she didn’t see the problem in being an emotional eater. “I love me some ice cream or dessert, and it comes at a time when I’m happy or sad. So when I have an incredibly successful day, I want to celebrate and reward myself with food. “The 40-year-old told Drew Barrymore she felt the overwhelming wave of stress that comes after you’ve made it in Hollywood.

Rebel Wilson Anxiety Phase

She had no idea how to handle everyone watching her every move. She explained that the only way she knew how to handle the anxiety of fame was through emotional eating and binging on donuts. Rebel admitted that she completely stopped valuing her self-worth. It was then that she decided that things needed to change.

2020 is the Labeled Year for the Weight loss Rebel Wilson


She labeled 2020 the year of health and gave herself a year to reach her goal weight of 165 pounds, which as we all know by now she reached a month before her target date! Go, Rebel! “I put on the at leisure and went out for a walk, deliberately hydrating and  to avoid the sugar and junk food.

Rebel Wilson Decision of Weight loss

“It’s interesting to think that Wilson’s decision to lose all that weight came just after she started dating her new health-conscious boyfriend Jacob Busch. The actress has openly gushed about her new beau but has made it clear that they started dating before she slimmed down. “Goes to show you ladies, you don’t have to be a certain size to get a boyfriend. “Jacob Busch’s family founded the Anheuser-Busch brewing dynasty and is alone reportedly worth100 million dollars.

The couple was introduced by a friend in 2019 and hit it off immediately and is still going strong a year later. A source has said that they have been motivating each other with their health journey. Although it’s evident that the journey was a lot more directed towards Rebel. Fans questioned the relationship in the beginning since Busch is still in his twenties while Rebel just turned forty. They wondered if Busch might only be in it for the sake of fame.

Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss

But they quickly let go of this notion as they noticed Busch is quite a private guy, who doesn’t really care about how many integral followers he has. And on top of it all he has stood by his leading lady throughout her whole journey. Wilson wasn’t the only celebrity that went on a health journey. By now we all know the drastic weight loss that Adele went through earlier this year.

But why did Adele receives much hate, while Rebel was praised? Was it because she said she was doing it to better her mental health and for herself? Whereas many felt like Adele followed the societal norms of a breakup and changed her appearance in a “revenge body” type of way instead of just for her own health. This came after she told the world she would never want tube skinny, making some feel betrayed by her weight loss move. What do you think about Rebel and Adele’s weight loss? It wasn’t all sunshine and daisies for Rebel’s journey.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Diet


There were even a handful of people who were not on board for her transformation. The actress explained on Integra that “Industry-wise, there were a lot of people who wanted me to stay as Fat Amy,” referring to her character in the movie franchise, Pitch Perfect. Do they have a point? Rebel became famous not only for her blunt and brilliant comedic style but also for her unique plus size look.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Plan


At times she would even gain weight for parole thinking it would add a better comedic element to her character. Some even think that the weight loss could seriously affect her career having lost the element that casting director’s saw in her when she first came to Hollywood. Although Rebel decided when she came to Hollywood that she was going to play the plus size funny girl, it might have just become a bit too much. Wilson said on Integra that she got really tired of being typecast and has admitted that it was part of the reason she wanted to go on this journey.

Rebel Wilson Loss her Weight Quickly

Along with shedding her weight, it appears that Wilson has also completely changed her approach as to how she presents herself in public and on social media. In recent interviews, she is kind of different, not hitting the audience with that iconic sense of humor that the world has known to love. At the beginning of the year, Rebel made headlines for her hilarious yet somewhat controversial speech at the BAFTA’s. Looking back now, some could say that it was her way of giving the world one last taste of how she used to be and the work she used to do. Is this how the actress is going to go about becoming a serious and dramatic actor?

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