ketosis Meals Ketogenic Food

ketosis Meals Ketogenic Food

we will see how to download and install carb manager applaud how to track macros with this. All those doing keto, have to eat in a specific amount carb manager app is best to track your macros (carbs, proteins and fats intake).

first, go to play store and type carb manager in its search bar. There are many options, pick the first one. Click on install button. If it asks for permission, allow it. It starts downloading. It will take a minute or two. Now it starts installing this appoint got installed, now click on ‘Open’ button to launch the application. You will see the page ‘getting started with carb manager’. It is asking you to create an account. Type you’re emailed-enter you email and set any suitable password set any suitable password and click on ‘create my account’. If you already have a carb manager account then you can click on ‘log-in here’ button and you can log-into it.

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By the way, you can skip this step for now and you can create carb manager accountancy time in future by going to the Settings. I recommend creating an account because, assume that you have used this app for a month or two to record your daily meals, your account will keep all your settings and meal record details saved to your carb manager account. Suppose you change your phone for any reason but you use this same account with your new phone, all your meal record data will be shown in carb manager app in your new phone. So, creating an account is very useful. For now, we are skipping this step.Hey there, welcome to carb manager. Now, it’s a three step procedure. Step 1 is basic setup, where you have to set few basic things. In carbs to track option, keep the default option ‘net carbs’.next, Set ‘Track all macros’ to ‘Onset ‘Track calories’ to ON too. In units, it’s US/Imperial. I usually use ‘SI/Metric’, but it’s your choice which one you choose. Energy units are set at calories and you can set any user name, I am using mine here.Finally, set meal reminders to on.

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I suggest you to keep it ‘on’. This option is very useful, suppose you forgot to log-in the details of your breakfast or lunch or dinner, then this app will send you a reminder for it.This keeps you motivated and helps you stay on track. Click on continue button. The next step is to create your profile. Select your gender, and then choose your year of birth. Select your height in cm.Type in your current weight in kitchen in activity level, choose sedentary which means desk job with little or no effort. You can change it to any other as per your life style. I am keeping it at ‘sedentary’. You can change it to any other as per your life style. I am keeping it at ‘sedentary’.

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Once you are done with all this, click on continue. Step 3 is ‘set your goals’. Here you can set your ‘calories goal’ for the day. Here it is mentioned that ‘lose weight,-20% calories deficit’. This means you will consume 20% less calories than your calories need for the day, which results in 1660 calories. Below this, it is mentioned that with these calories goal, you will lose 1.6kg per month. This means that by consuming 1660 calories per day, you will lose 1.6kg after one month. By the way, you can set the deficit to even lower than 20% but recommended is to keep it between 20% to 25%.If you want to maintain your current weight and you don’t want to lose it further then set the deficit slider to 0%.If you want to gain weight (or build muscles) then you can pull the slider to some positive value. The calories are being adjusted accordingly. If you want deficit, calories intake will be less and if you want surplus, calories intake will be more. I am setting the deficit to 25%.At 25% deficit; it is saying to lose 2kg per month.

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Later in this video, I will tell you how to lose more than 2kg if you want to. For now, I am moving forward with same settings. Next you have to choose ratio of your macro nutrients. How much to take protein, fat and carbs.Here, keto is by default seleted.if it’s not, Select ‘keto’ from this list. In keto, 70% is fat, 25% is protein and 5% are carbs.If you scroll down, you see a bar (slider)Numbers are mentioned on sliders, Default value of fat is 70%If you want to increase fat from 70% to 80%.Take slider to 80%.I am keeping current default setting, but it can be changed.75% fat of 1656 calories is 121gprotein is 97gand net carbs at 5% is 19g.Click on Apply My Macros After clicking on ‘Apply my macro’, You will see this pop up window It asks to go with premium version to unlock all features of you an option to buy the premium version of appoints price is mentioned below as well.4,200 Pakistani Rupee, for one year subscription. You can buy it by clicking here and giving credit card info. For our purpose, premium version is not mandatory to have. We can use its basic version which has most of the features. But for additional features, you can buy it.

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According to me; basic version of app is enough. I am crossing it (top left corner).and using its basic verion.You see home window with a label ‘today’. ‘My Day’ tab provides all details. Zero means that we have not entered any food yet. In my meals option, you can see that all the options for breakfast, lunch and dinner are blank till now. Now, let’s add some food into this Apia is going to make a meal plan of one complete day while being within our specified limits. In order to add food to this apron top right corner, click on the plus sign. You will see a search bar with several food items below it if you see your food listed here, you can pick it.Let’s learn this app from scratch. I am going to type some items in the Search bar let’s start from breakfast; I am adding eggs in raw form. It has several options, cooked, egg white etc. The second option is raw eggs, select it. Select egg size, large, jumbo, medium or small. Suppose I want 3 large eggs in breakfast, you can select quantity via scrolling up and down.


There are different tabs, lunch breakfast etc. Select Breakfast. Here all the information is being shown.2g net carbs, 17g left out of total 19.Fiber is 0fat is 16g, 105g left.19g protein, 78g left.233 calories, 1324 left These are Keto Grade A, later you will see that some other food items that will be Keto Grade B, C, D, E or some of grade Remember that Grade F means it’s not keto friendly or least preferred and shouldn’t be used. Grade A means you can use it while being within your macros. Preference level decreases from Grade A to You selected 3 eggs and breakfast, Click on ‘add today’ button. You see a message, added Raw Egg. Click on back button You see the homepage of app.Your reading is shown herein the breakfast section, you see 3 eggs2g net carbs and net calories 233.Suppose I want to make an omelet add butter to it.Click on plus signing Pakistan, we are using butter of Nurture or Adams Brands Type Nurture Butter and press go button. Click on it suggest buying a kitchen scale and measure each single thing I am adding 10g Nurture butter It will also go to breakfast, Click on ‘add today’ button. Third item I want to add to breakfasts ‘Green Tea’.

I am using ‘Tape Green Tea ‘Its showing below, select it.Add 1 teabag to breakfast. Once done, click on back button your meal has been logged-in into your breakfast section. With 307 net calories and 2g net carbs in it.If you look at the reading24g of 121g fat is consumed.19g of 97g protein is taken307 of 1556 net calories have been taken. After breakfast, let’s add a Snack. Like having breakfast at 8am and then at 10am or 1030am your mood is have a snack. In search bar, suppose I look for olives Green olives if you use black olives you can select them, it’s unto you. Select first option. These are also keto Grade AS elect 5 olives of medium size Suppose we add them it snack 1.Choose ‘Snack 1’ and Click on ‘add today’ button. With this, I want to take a slice of Cheese, Go Here is Cheddar Cheese, click on i.e. am measuring this too in grams suppose you took a slice of 10gPut this too into snack 1.

Keto Diet Plan weekly

Click on ‘add today’. Let’s go back to home page. Two items have been added to Snack with 65 calories and no carb in both items. Now, I add some nuts to same Snack Suppose Walnuts Add walnuts in raw form are measuring these too in grams. It unto you whatever suits you, select that. I selected 10grams walnuts; Click on ‘add today ‘Click on back button. Now we have logged two things in it.Snack 1 and breakfast. This is total reading taken 23g protein and 27g fat. Still we have plenty of capacity to consume.433 calories out of around 1500around one third of total calories (~30%) Click again on plus sign now we add details on lunch.

I recommend that you do all calculation a day beforehand doing any plus/minus so that you meal plan for next day gets finalized without any issue. It will be easy for you as you prior will know what to eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and in snack. If any adjustment is required, you can do that a day before. Now suppose for lunch, I want to add some veggie. Select Cabbage, Green, Raw and click on it.Cabbage has fiber in it and its very healthy Instead of measuring it in cups, again I will recommend using proper kitchen scale to measure i.e. am selecting kg. If you check its calculations in 1kg.Its net carbs are way too much. Calories are very less, even protein and fat too. But net carbs are 36.protein is also very low-fat is less too But it has 36 net carbs with 58 total carbs.which are 19 more than our target.

This means that we can never have 1kg of it now we select, suppose, 1/5 of a kg1/5 of kg means 5th part of a kilogram which is 200gSelect Lunch Tab and click on Add Today. Choose lunch tab and Click on ‘add today ‘Suppose I want to cook cabbage in Olive Oil have Borges Brand Olive Oil We see Borges 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil Click on it Choose tablespoon instead of ml or cup Suppose 2 tablespoons are enough, depending upon your taste Add it Now I want to add Green Onions Green Keep in mind that usual onions are not allowed as they have too many carbs Click on Go button and Now in Green, choose tops only. Click on it usually recommend measuring it in grams too. Suppose 10grams is taken it got added. Go back to home page again. And see the details of lunch1/5 kilogram cabbage,2 tablespoon olive oil10gram green onions This shows, our lunch has 8g net cabstand 289 calories in its per calculations, you have consumed 64g fat10g out of 19g net carbs consumed26g of proteins consumed and 726 calories out of 1556.Next we add a coffee after lunch our mood is to enjoy a coffee Click on plus sign, BTW you can take coffee in breakfast toots unto you where you want to add it will add it in ‘Snack’.

For this, I am writing Nescafe gold or classic use Nescafe coffee You can use any You have to select the one which is not readymade As Readymade may have different ingredients than yours If you don’t see yours, click on ‘show more’. Here is Nescafe gold original, click on it.Select 1 teaspoon and add it to ‘Snack 2’.Now suppose we want to add olive oil to coffee. Select extra virgin olive that was used previously. Suppose we choose 1 tbsp. and add it to ‘Snack 2’.Now I want to butter to the coffee as well. We have already viewed butter, So no need to write it again in search bar Select butter from here Suppose we select 10g of it, which is already selected Make sure it’s on ‘Snack 2’and add it Now check your reading You have consumed 86g fat and consumed 27g protein still you have plenty of protein to consume and you have consumed 925 calories. Now you have to plan for dinner Click on plus sign. For dinner, I usually take chicken you can select mutton, beef etc.

Select Chicken am selecting chicken breast (skin removed before cooking).and here I am selection KG option see here, in 1kg, protein is 309gwhich is 239g over that our target This means that we can’t consume 1kg, here I have selected 1/5 of a which is 200g of chicken. If you select 200g, then in this reading, 62g protein is being shown it means 9g protein is left add it to dinner. And with chicken suppose want to have capsicum too Type Capsicum Green and click on go button Here is capsicum green raw Select it and this too kilogram by the way, if you select 1kg then focus on carbs, 29g21g overs you can’t select 1kgI am selecting 1/8 kilogram1/8 kg means 8th part of a kilo which is 125gso you have to take 125gIt has 4g net carbs in it. Though calories are very low but it has crabs you want to replace it with any other vegetable you can do that. “Add Today “Now Chicken is done, capsicum is done. We cook these in olive oil Select Olive Oil from here.

1 tablespoon is selected already. I am selecting 1.5 tbsp. of its one and a half tablespoon this will go to dinner too. It has 21g fat and 5g left selected 1.5 by noting this. Add it after adding; now you have in dinner chicken, capsicum and olive oil. Next, I add some green onions to it click on plus sign and onions already available, click on it. Let’s add 10g of it to dinner, Click on ‘Add Today’.

This item got added too. Look at our calculations now protein 90g out of 97g, fat 116gand net carbs 15g.Let’s adding 1 cup green tea after dinner. Click on plus sign & select Green tea of Tape from teabag let’s add this too into dinner. Our calculation shows that still 7g protein is left for the day and fat 116g.Our calculation is done now still we have capacity of having 7g protein fat is 116, so 5g fat is left too. This means that we can add more (snack) to the day. Let’s add some nuts. Go here and type Almonds click on Go Choose raw almonds rather than roasted ones and Now you have to do the calculations carefully so that you are within your macros set limits so choose almonds wisely now start selecting from here, it is saying, 3g fat left and 6g protein left. Took 10g almonds and added to ‘snack 3’and now protein 5g left Add its, this is plan for a day, protein 92g,calories 1534 which are close to 1566,net carbs are within limits too fats have been covered too. Add one more thing, Phylum Husk[saying its name in Urdu]I recommend taking it as it has plenty of fiber Take 1tbsp in morning and 1tbsp in evening. Psyllium Husk Click on Phylum Husband suppose I am selecting in tablespoons Tablespoon ground, 2 tablespoons (one in morning & 1 in evening)I am adding it in same Snack. I am adding it in same Snack. Add today now you have a calorie 1567 of 1556.

And in settings, Click on Macros Tab It is mentioned here, we predict that you will lose 2kg per month. You think, 2kg is too less and you want to lose more For this, move the slider to downward though it’s not recommended to set deficit to 30% or 35%but suppose you set it to -35%Previously it was 2kg but now it’s 2.8kg per month This also reduced your calories from 1556 to 1348If you scroll it down, now fats got reduced from 121g to 105g.Similarly, protein from 97g to 84g.and carb to 17g now. Click on Apply Macros Button. Go to settings and then My Daily Log Now you see new calculations heredity shows consumed fat 121g whereas goal was 105g.Similarly, everything is over consumed if this is your goal Go again to settings Go to Macros Go to profile and suppose you want to lose more weight than this Go to Macros here its written 2.8kg in a month Go to profile if you want to lose more than 2.8Suppose I change activity level to ‘Moderately active’. In moderately active it means moderate exercise for 1 hr. per day, 3-5 times per week.

Go Back to Macros again, now you can lose 5.2kgGo back to profile suppose you replace ‘moderately active’ to ‘Extra Active’. Extra active is intense exercise for at-least 2hours per day. By doing so, you can lose 7.5kg in a month. Suppose this much exercise is difficult for you and you want to set it back to ‘Sedentary’andin macros these are the calories at 35% deficit. And its 2.8kg per month Suppose you think, 1300 calories are somewhat more for you and you can survive on only 1000 calories a day. Recommended is not to set too much calories deficit. Here its 35% and if you set it to even lower number. Its unhealthy way but I am sharing it just to float the idea Go to diet goals here drop 1348In net calories, suppose we type ‘1200’ calories Go to Macros Now it’s showing 3.4kgGo to profile Suppose you change ‘sedentary’ to ‘Moderately active ‘Go to Microsites 5.8kg at 1200 calories.

Now, a question arises, why one shouldn’t go for low calorie diet and what’s advantage of going for ‘Keto’?In low calorie diet, when you start taking less calories You keep feeling hunger and your starve yourself forefullyso you can’t sustain with it for longhand after a week or 3-4 days, you get fed up of it An advantage of keto is that due to more fat intake in keto, your hunger gets suppressed So, you can stick to this diet and can lose weight. And due to this, your weight starts decreasing. And one more thing, this 5.8kg is minimum weight to lose Many people lose 2 or 3kg water weighting the first week. If you follow this plan, you will lose 6kg for sure In fact, you can lose unto 8 or 10 or even unto 12kg too. This is all about this carb manager app. Hopefully you got key idea conveyed in this tutorial. Best wishes to you on your weight loss journey.

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