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Drinking coconut water for Weight Loss Best time to Drink

Coconut water

In the summer, winter, or rainy season, some people eat things that are contrary to the weather. Like some people eat ice cream every season. Such people drink coconut water in any season.

Coconut water or coconut water is a naturally cooled drink. It is also very beneficial for the body along with quenching thirst. It cools your body from inside and removes many problems during summer.

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Coconut has become a trendy beverage in the last few years. It is rich in electrolytes and other essential nutrients.

Apart from coconut water, coconut oil is also beneficial in many cases (evidence based health benefits of coconut oil) .drinking coconut water,  Today we will give information about the advantages, disadvantages, time of intake and right quantity of coconut water or coconut water.

Best Time to Drink Coconut Water

If you drink a glass of coconut water before meals, it fills the stomach and prevents it from overeating. It is low in calories and easy to digest. Therefore it can be consumed even after a workout.

drinking coconut water, Coconut water is the best home remedy to get rid of hangover. So if someone has a hangover of alcohol then they can consume it.

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How much coconut water can you drink in a day

Also keep in mind that the amount of potassium does not exceed the daily requirement. Excessive intake of coconut water may cause hyperkalemia (potassium toxicity). (2)

drinking coconut water, If there is a complaint of chronic kidney disease or diabetes, then take it only after consulting a doctor.

According to experts, 2-3 coconut water can be consumed daily. But if you have any health issue, do not consume it without asking a doctor.

Benefits of drinking coconut water:

1. full of nutrition

It takes 10-12 months for the coconut to fully ripen. But coconut water is the form of raw coconut. That is, the coconut water which comes out of it is 6-7 months old coconut. A medium size coconut produces 0.5–1 cup (240 ml) of water. (3) Its nutrition is as follows.

      • Calories: 46 inch
      • Protein: 2 grams
      • Carbohydrate: 9 grams
      • Fiber: 3 grams
      • Vitamin C: 10% of RDI
      • Magnesium: 15% of RDI
      • Manganese: 17% of RDI
      • Potassium: 17% of RDI
      • Sodium: 11% of RDI
      • Calcium: 6% of RDI

2. Can help in losing weight

There is nothing better than coconut water for weight loss and rehydration.  Those who want to lose weight can consume coconut water daily.

Being low in calories, its bio-active enzymes help in digestion. It boosts metabolism, which helps in reducing weight.

3. Helpful to prevent stones / kidney stones

To prevent or eliminate the problem of stone / kidney stone, drinking liquid is recommended. In such a situation, coconut water is much better.

drinking coconut water, Calcium, oxalate and other compounds combine to form crystals in urin, only when there is a stone problem.

The study revealed that coconut water prevented the crystals from sticking to the kidney and other parts of the urin track.

Coconut water is also rich in potassium. Therefore, it helps to keep the kidney healthy. Coconut water works as a diuretic to flush out excess liquid from the body and prevents stones from forming.

4. beneficial in diabetes

Research has also proved that coconut water can reduce blood sugar levels. (7)

L-arginine is found in coconut water known for its antidiabetic properties. It can also reduce blood sugar.

Narial water counteracts oxidative stress in diabetes patients. A1c lowers the hemoglobin level, whose high level increases the risk of blood sugar.

drinking coconut water, Therefore, according to the advice of the doctor, coconut water can be included in the daily diet. Take care to avoid drinking packed coconut water as it contains sugar.

5. Promotes Heart Health (May Support Heart Health)

According to the study, the consumption of coconut water is beneficial for heart health. A study done on mice found that the mice who consumed it were deficient in cholesterol and triglycerides. There was also a decrease in liver fat.

In the second research, rats were given coconut water for 45 days, according to 4 ml per 100 grams of body weight. It found that cholesterol and triglycerides were deficient.

High levels of cholesterol and triglycerides are dangerous for the heart. Therefore, it can be consumed with the advice of a doctor. It was also clear from the study that it also helps in reducing blood pressure.

Side Effects of Drinking Coconut Water

      1. A disorder that causes damage to the lungs and digestive system can be a complaint of cystic fibrosis, which can reduce the level of salt in the body.
      2. Excess intake of this can lead to an excess of potassium, leading to a complaint of hyperkalemia.
      3. People with chronic kidney disease should not consume it. Its intake causes high potassium content.
      4. Coconut water keeps blood pressure normal. But due to its excessive intake, there may be a complaint of low blood pressure.

Conclusion: You have already known about the best time, quantity, method of food, advantages and disadvantages / side effects of drink coconut water. You can also consume it everyday, but in a fixed amount.

You also consult a nutritionist and doctor for more information about these things.

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