Free 8 Food For Runners Best Performance

Free 8 Food For Runners Best Performance

Running is good for the heart. It is also a good cardio exercises for healthy heart . Apart from this, running also has many advantages.

There are some things to be kept in mind while running (important things to keep in mind when you are running), then you get more benefit. Running for 30 minutes daily is beneficial for your body in many ways.

Professionally runners should also pay attention to their strength, endurance and endurance strength and stamina .

However special foods should be consumed before running for long distances . Consuming them can give you better results.

Today we will tell you about some such food in this article, which can increase the running performance. Also, you can protect yourself from the risk of injury and any illness. Let’s know about such foods…

1. Banana

High carb energy booster is required before running. This will give you energy for running. Potassium (about 400 mg) is found in good amounts in bananas. When you sweat a lot, you avoid significant mineral loss for long distance running or hot temperatures. (1)

Bananas are also high in minerals such as sodium, magnesium and chloride, which, by meeting their deficiency, also keep blood pressure normal.

2. Oats

Food for Runners 

If you are planning to run, then oats can be a good snack for you. Actually, oats are rich in carbs and fiber. Foods for Runners.

Oats also have a low glycemic index. This causes your blood sugar level to increase gradually, which provides energy for a long time and keeps your stomach full. Foods for Runners.

3. Peanut butter

Food for Runners 

Consuming pure peanut butter without sugar, salt or oil is beneficial for the body. It is a good source of Vitamin E, which is the most effective antioxidant. Foods for Runners.

It mainly consists of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which may help lower blood cholesterol levels. (2)

In addition, it can also help to boost immunity, increase running speed and prevent injuries. Being high in protein, it is beneficial for any runner. You can eat peanut butter on whole wheat bread with banana slices. Foods for Runners.

4. Broccoli

Food for Runners 

Green vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. Therefore, runners are advised to consume them. Research shows that vitamin C helps prevent muscle soreness from decreasing after intensity workouts. (3) Foods for Runners.

Broccoli is also a good source of calcium, folic acid and vitamin K in green vegetables. It strengthens bones. Therefore, Broccoli should be consumed.

5. Plain yogurt

Food for Runners 

Yogurt is the perfect combination of carbohydrates and protein, with a value of about 85%. This means that the body gets essential amino acids by eating yogurt. This accelerates the recovery of the body. This way your muscles are protected. Foods for Runners.

Calcium found in it makes bones strong. An advantage of eating yogurt is that it contains live lactic acid bacteria, which stimulate gut flora. This leads to immunity boost. So the runners should consume it. (4)

6. Dark chocolate

Food for Runners 

Intake of dock chocolate can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This Flavanols / secondary metabolites helps in reducing inflammation. (5 )

7. Coffee

Food for Runners 

Research has shown that a cup of coffee can promote high intensity interval training. The caffeine in it can help you run faster and cover the distance in less time. (6) Foods for Runners.

It is important that when drinking black coffee without milk and sugar, people think that coffee dehydrates the body. However, it is not like that. Coffee increases urine output. Apart from this, experts also advise runners to drink black coffee.

Conclusion: You must have understood that the food that the runners get benefit from consuming. If you are a runner then you can take the above foods. Foods for Runners.

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