Essential Steps Taken to reduce the Weight Loss

Eat a paleo Diet

The healthy diet of our ancestors is rich in nutrient my patients have been using it for year to drop unwanted pounds.

Eliminate Adding sugar

sugar and sweetness adding to food and drink are proven to cause weight gain significantly increase risk of dying from heart daises

Get the Sunshine

Sunshine provide Vitamin D which is necessary to the body need for optimal health studies show the responsible exposure to the sun help burn fats and reduce weight

Drink Fresh water

Drink fresh water dehydration shows the slow down the fat burring process. Drinking water help you feel full and metabolism running the way it should weight loss

Avoid processed food

Processed food make you fat and have been linked to a variety of health issues for the top ten disease that kill us are linked to processed food

Don’t count calories

Forget the carbs calories and fat count simply eat food that the product of nature rather than the product of the company follow the paleo diet

Take nutritional supplement

Most people don’t get the enough vitamins and minerals each raw organic food which make multivitamins and supplement essential for weight control

Get proper sleep

Get proper sleep help to reduce the weight and burn the celeries its help our body to reduce the weight related and health related issue and make us healthy as the proven study

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