Dua lipa weight loss in 7 Days

dua lipa weight loss


Celebrity’s diet and workout routine



for the day today i decided to follow due lip’s workout and diet plan i don’t know about you guys but if you guys watch the Grammys this year due lip looked so stunning her abs were on point.

i could use some of that kind of inspired me to want to know whether diet and fitness plan island i was able to find a bunch of stuffy will leave some information of where i found this stuff in the description box if you guys are curious let me know what celebrity you want met do next I’ve done so many of these in the past.

How much dua lipa weight loss

But i could totally do updated ones because you know people are constantly changing their diets and routines i will link my celebrity playlist in the description box for you guys to check out other videos but it is currently morning right now and i already got already and something she likes to do right in the morning is a quick workout and before that her typical pre-workout snack is a banana with cashew butters.

That is what I’m going to do right now this is how the pre-workout snack turned out i got my bananas here and i thought i would take my first bite always forget how good banana tastes with nut butter it just tastes so good i also went ahead and filled up my water I’m definitely going to be drinking water all throughout the day so good I’m obsessed just put up my hair and I’m currently down stairs and duwa lippa likes to do 15 minute hit work outs so I’m going to go ahead and put my timer for 15 minutes and then I’m also going to do some of her favorite moves as well when it comes to like the abs and her gluts

dua lipa weight and height

Some of the things she likes to include in her hip workouts are jumping jacks mountain climbers and burgees so i’m gonna include those while i’m doing the hit workout let me complete now I’m just gonad some of herb workouts abs slash gluten workouts

i am so full from that salad i never feel like I’m going to be full after a salad but i am and i think having like the chicken everything in it just makes me makes you a lot more full but i am going to just go ahead keep drinking water throughout the day you know have to stay hydrated and when i cook dinner i will bring you guys along so for a typical dinner fondue lip she likes to have fish veggies of course and i do not have fishing the fridge right now you guys know that i am not a fish person hence why i don’t have any fish so thought i would supplement it for another form of seafood so I’m just gonna go ahead and make shrimp today with veggies of coursegotta get those veggies in so that’s what I’m going to do.


dua lipa weight loss diet plan


I’ll share with you guys it when i end up making it when it’s ready and that’s going to be all for the day if I’m feeling hungry I’m going to go ahead and snack on fruit I’m not going to eat it unless I’m feeling kind of like i want snack or something like that so far so good it’s kind of like a typical day that i would normally eat and I’m feeling content and yeahi’ll catch you guys up when i am making dinner it is currently dinner time so I’m going to go ahead and cook up the shrimp and veggies and I’m probablygonna have a side of salad.


i actually earlier today made chickpea salad so i thought i would have that on the side since she typically does like to have salad as well so i thought it would be little bit of a different take than just what we had what i had for lunchtime i ‘ma mess right now don’t mind i changed my shirt got it got comfy now it is much later so I’m just going to go ahead and cook the dinner and then share with you guys the finished product i currently just have my shrimp defrosting I’m going to take outthepeppers[Music]during the day i also prepped my peppers and as well as sliced up my onions just so it’s easier and faster to cook[Music]this is how the dinner turned out so just have chickpea salad that i made earlier because dua llipa likes to have salads on the side so thought i would switch it up and then i just have my shrimp with my sautéed veggies thesis the last meal for the day

dua lipa weight loss

crazy diets that just don’t last and i also really liked her workout you guys know actually recently I’ve been getting into uh hit workouts so it wasreallycool to know that she loves to do hermit workouts because do a lipase fitness has always looked on point like she really knows what she’s doing.

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