Best Diets For Weight Loss 2021

Mediterranean diet


Your health and weight loss journeys number one and my personal favorite.  let’s  start with the Mediterranean diet based on  the heart-healthy lifestyle of countries such as.  Greece and Italy the Mediterranean diet includes

A diet full of fruits leafy greens legumes whole grains and fish with healthy fats

Such as,

  • Avocados.
  • Olive.
  • Oils.
  • Nuts.

Even a daily glass of red  wine it includes cheese. And dairy in moderation  but limits meat to once or twice a week  and you should also avoid processed foods.  Sugars including processed meats refined  grains and trans fats now a number of scientific studies have shown that people who live in the  Mediterranean typically have much lower instances of lifestyle diseases things like heart attacks  diabetes and strokes and the Mediterranean diet  is almost always high on the list when it comes  to dietitian’s recommendations.

Take Calories Less Than 1200 Per Day Weight Loss

Now though this diet’s primary appeal is in its numerous health benefits.  it can also lead to weight loss if you limit your calorie intake to less than 1500 a day.  studies have found that following either a traditional Mediterranean diet or a low carb version of it can result in weight loss of about five to ten percent of body weight.

over 12 months  and people who consume a Mediterranean style diet  are twice as likely to keep the weight off hey  if you’d like to find out more about this diet.  Then make sure you check out my video on it and  it’s popping up just here so my number two is the  plant-based flexitarian diet this plant-powered  trend is all about eating a majority so 90  or more of plant-based foods think pumpkin seed  protein almond protein and hemp protein plus whole  body supporting ingredients like ashwagandha holy  basil turmeric and rishi mushrooms which are also  hugely popular for people on a plant-based diet.

Focus on your Eating Foods for Weight Loss

so basically you need to focus on eating whole foods derived from plants. Most of the time with wiggle room for the occasional piece of chicken or  scrambled egg this diet works for weight loss too  as plant-based foods tend to be higher in fiber  and lower in fat than animal products keeping.  You filled up for longer with fewer calories  and according to one study on overweight and  obese adults who followed a plant-based diet  for six months they lost an average of 26 pounds.

let’s take a look at another diet, that  i think. will be trending next year and that’s  my number three and it’s intermittent fasting  now there are a few ways to do this however  the 16 to 8 method is the most popular version  where you restrict your daily eating time  to a strict 8 block period something like  say noon to 8 pm and then you fast for the other  16 hours so 8 pm till noon the following day and  it helps people lose

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