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we’re talking about how weight loss affects your face .we’re going to be talking about all about how weight loss can affect the way that you look this is something that we hear I think quite frequently in the clinic people have maybe lost significant amount of weight they’re feeling like the body is looking hot to trot but the face not so do you have any comments or opening remarks.

Weight Loss Really Affect your Face


I think that losing weight can be a bit cruel because you feel like you’ve worked so hard your body is looking really good and then you can’t preferentially lose weight off your body or the problem someone’s only it just goes globally so times the face does suffer a little bit less face looks better but often not so much a shame but I guess mostly to do with the fat isn’t it. what I hate is when I’ve gone through that exactly that type of effort of trying to get trim trying to go to the gym eating correctly trying a bit of intermittent fasting and then someone who will say to me very well you look tired too thin and gaunt so yeah that’s what I might come into you guys and you would help me out it’s.

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definitely not decision though that people have to make any more you know they used to say you have to choose between your face and your axis you got older now you can have both because you can just re-volumes the face using sculptural or hyaluronic acid or fat transfer or you know any of these plethora of gorgeous things that we have available so that both are looking absolutely on point I think it’s like very variable between patients as well where they lose the weight on their face I know you’ll lose it kind of globally but some people tend to come in with really more significant problem areas weird areas like some people will only find in their forehead lose a lot more.

Face Before and After Weight Loss

whereas it was more padded before it’s smooth and suddenly you can see the contours of the beneath that you couldn’t see before and then suddenly your forehead becomes a big issue but everywhere we can treat but the common places I suppose Argonne be your mid face right classic this kind of hanging fold that people get here when they’ve lost so much volume in the cheek and the skin kind of doesn’t catch up yeah I lose it quickly.

I suppose your skin doesn’t have time to shrink back if it is going to do so and you end up looking a bit more saggy than you did before which is a bit of a shame it’s also a challenge when people are doing high-impact exercises all that sort of regulate and runners I suppose and you do see that they’ve got a little bit more sagging as well and trying to rre-volumise them that’s the challenge.

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so I guess we use the fillers and skin improvement filler things like that but is there anything else that you guys like to use for people skin tightening I think I think the ultrasound the focused ultrasound treatment is great because yes you can put volatizing product back into the skin but without sort of little bit of anti-gravity you don’t get the same.

Weight Loss Before and after

lift well the same pleasing effect I think yeah threads were in for a while to lift everything back up again come but now I’m in two minds as to whether that’s long lasting effect you know someone just lost a lot of weight I much prefer we volatizing as much as humanly possible and then maybe doing ultrasound or doing threads no we can’t do threads anymore.

because of regulatory changes here in the UK but if we could then yeshiva would be debating about which one of those two to use I think I think it’s really important as well that hopefully you see a provider like ourselves who kind of understand the anatomy the weight has been lost in the fat compartments so we’re kind of filling them back up if you had it in the wrong place can look worse.

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well that’s skin and then if volume is clumped and strange areas you need to fill up those fat pads back again you know something that I think we see a lot maybe on Integra other mediums like that is when people have the filler put on top of the cheekbone but they’re already gaunt and then they have it it’s like but here more and more and more suddenly their face is like this wide and they look really skeletal.

like this kind of shape and they’re pulling all these shapes on Integra but it looks really bad yeah that conversation with patients that I know you want to have fine cheekbones and that’s great but actually your volume loss is maybe in the sub-cheek area where it’s hollow and they think I’m going to leave some of that odalisque look I’m going to look fat again.

Before and After Weight Loss Cheekbones

yeah but you’re not it’s not like that it’s just it’s going to help blend you know the more harsh features into the rest of the face if you imagine like it I don’t know 21year old model they’re still going to have cheekbones but they also don’t have that really harsh like light and shadowing like you’ve seen people who are older so if you just enhance that light and shadowing there comes a point where you just kind of ill yeah to gaunt yeah like you’ve dieted too much so guys I don’t know.

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I mean just talking about this fat loss and little further I don’t know if you see it but have you seen on here in Integra or the patients that come into see us maybe they’ve had treatment elsewhere they’ve lost weight and suddenly these folds have become deeper and they’ve had filler product injected along that line it just looks really strange don’t know sort of an almost like a simian look like a like a monkey to sort of look and I just think it’s obviously wrong in correct placement or incorrect selection of product or incorrect site for the product.

but I think that can just make you look a bit weird in addition to looking gaunt and I think that’s when we sometimes have to say to patients let’s start again weight have to start dissolving product and that’s that can be a difficult conversation to have but I think ultimately the patients that we have they understand that and they kind of want to go on the journey with us okay.

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