Adele Weight Loss Secrets, Adele 2020

Adele Weight loss Secrets 

“I’ve never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines.  I represent the majority of women and I’m very proud of that. “That’s how in 2012 singer Adele shot back at Karl Lagerfeld when the famed fashion designers called her “a little bit too fat”.

Adele Has the Beautiful Voice 

With her beautiful voice, soulful music and powerful personality, the twenty-something-year-old became the voice of her generation. But now almost a decade later, after she has seriously lost weight.

people are firing hateful comments at her and express their disappointment over feeling betrayed. Some find it inappropriate to celebrate someone’s weight loss at all.  And some keep admiring the incredible transformation. However, amid all those talks about her weight loss journey itself,

What is hidden in Adele Weight Loss?


Not much is said about its context…What has actually been happening in Adele’s life in the past couple of years?  It looks like the divorce has seriously affected her way of thinking which might have resulted in her physical and emotional transformation. Stay with us and be sure we will tell you everything we know about the recent events in Adele’s life.

When Adele is in 20th Birthday

 But before we continue, Let us get back to the very beginning of the Hello singer story.  Her debut album was released in 2008, just several months before she celebrated her 20th birthday.  And that was it: already the next year the young singer garnered her first two Grammys:  for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

When Adele Became the Best Singer

 She quickly became recognized as the incredible singer with a deep voice and heartbreaking ballads. Another thing that got irrevocably associated with Adele was the way she was holding herself, taking pride in every inch of her curvaceous body.

Adele Says that My Aim in life Is to Never be skinny

She publicly said things that not many of her colleagues dared say.  It was as if she showed us all: you don’t have to be perfect to be successful.  My aim in life is to never be skinny. “But something eventually happened with that “never be skinny” postulate. Fans started noticing a change in the singer’s appearance around October 2019, when she posted a kissy photo with the caption: “I used to cry but now I sweat” apparently implying that she works out.

Adele Life Change with the Weight Loss

Why the crying you might ask. That transformation came shortly after another important personal change in Adele’s life: the end of her 2-year-long marriage with Simon Koneke.

Adele 6 Year Old Son


Even though it was an amicable separation and the two agreed on the terms of co-parenting their 6-year-old son, it was an extremely emotional moment in Adele’s life. After the divorce, Adele confirmed she had finally started working on new music – a follow-up to her Grammy-winning album released in 2015.


Adele Looks Skinny and Beautiful Because of Her Weight loss

So, things started moving rapidly in the life of the world famous singer. Emotionally… and physically. In December she already posted a photo in full growth in which she looked strikingly beautiful.  Well, as always and… also strikingly slim.


Adele’s weight loss journey

At this point it became clear that Adele’s weight loss journey was not accidental.


She converted from someone who hated working out into a person for whom sports became a part of her normal routine. Numerous reports claim that aside from hiring a personal trainer,

Adele Weight loss In Pound Diet Plan

Adele also followed a special diet that helped her lose 40 pounds. She was said to have started eating more healthy food to feel better and to set a good example for her child. Someone even made an estimate that the singer has lost the whole 150 pounds since 2008.

Adele Show her Weight loss in Bikini Photo


This August she showed off her incredible weight loss by posting a bikini photo.  And by doing so she triggered not only one, but two scandals in a row.  The first one is, obviously: what happened to Adele’s “My aim is to never be skinny” manifesto?


Some of her long-time fans felt betrayed that she changed the narrative. The others, however, complimented the star for looking gorgeous, healthy and happy. There was a third group of  people who insisted that neither weight gain,  nor weight loss is anyone’s business but Adele’s,  especially minding the fact that she doesn’t  speak about it at all.


Social Media User shared the Adele Photos

Some social media users shared their opinion that celebrating people for getting skinny is toxic and imply that being overweight is something to be ashamed of. As if this backlash mill was not enough, there added another one in relation to this photo in which she rocks a carnival outfit.

Adele Weight loss before and after 2020


The someone like you singer was accused of cultural appropriation, as she wore a bikini decorated with the Jamaican flag and had her hair in Bantu knots. So it looks like the 32-year-old has been recently on the news in connection with anything but music.  Meanwhile, what we SHOULD be talking about for sure is her upcoming album which might be released on October 30. At least all signs point to that.


The new album is coming five years after her latest album 25 that was a huge success – well like all the previous ones. Still, it doesn’t mean she is returning to live performances.  Adele has not toured since 2017, and as you probably remember she even cancelled the final shows of her world tour due to vocal cord damage.  And now, according to reports, she has secretly shut down her touring company.

Adele has become Famous because of it Slimness

But today we are looking forward to Adele’s new album to understand how she really feels about her life now. Adele has been famously channeling her heartache into art thus becoming one of the most relatable stars on the music stardom. So, this time we expect insights, as well.


Adele Devore

The new album will reportedly include an upbeat song about her divorce. The Sun UK source revealed what we already know about our favorite singer: “It has been cathartic for her to put her feelings into her music.  Fans can expect to hear personal details on her album

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