7 Home exercise to Weight Loss & Burn Belly Fats

7 Home exercise to Weight Loss & Burn Belly Fats

Home exercise to reduce lower belly fat, learn the right way from a fitness professional
Lockdown is going on and many people will be doing home workout . Some people also performed their body transformation during the lockdown last year . But some people also gained weight.

The reason for this was his sluggish lifestyle and spoiled food. Diet healthy and clean diet, will remain in calorie deficit and some physical activity (physical activity) , then weight remains under control.

In such a situation, weight gain and loss of stomach become the problem of most people. People often also do flat tummy and 6 pack abs with simple abdominal exercise (Abdominal exercise) and simple exercises for flat tummy and six pack abs .

At the same time, some people try to reduce stomach fat without hard work (Tummy fat with zero efford) . Some people try to reduce stomach by following the strict diet and best exercise routine .

But even after a million attempts, their lower belly fat (lower belly fat / fat around the navel) is not reduced. For this I spoke to the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and fitness professional Nitesh Yadav (Nitesh Yadav) . Let’s know what they have to say about lower belly fat.

Jhon explains that ‘ Spot reduction is not possible during fat loss when it comes to lower belly fat ie fat around the navel. That is, if someone says that I have to reduce fat only by the stomach or love-handles or any perticular body part, then it is not possible. To lose fat, you always have to be in calorie deficit and do compound exercises.


Exercising brings Micro Tears and Micro Trauma. Then food will grow inside your muscles and grow muscles, which is called Hypertrophy.

In this way, your muscle mass increases. When muscle mass in the body will increase and you will be in calorie deficit, then the body fat will also be reduced.

If you exercise abs, then in the beginning you may have reduced body fat like neck, love handles or thyss. But after a while, your stomach will also lose fat.

Fat loss requires more calories to burn and you know that cardio and compound exercises burn more calories. Mixing up of these two types of exercises will also improve cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular endurance and muscular strength and fat loss.

You can do the following exercises to bring micro tiers and micro trauma to lower abs and burn more calories. These exercises, not directly, can indirectly help in lowering lower belly fat.

Due to the closure of the gym, these exercises can also be done with Thera band, Resistance band, Barbell, Dumbbell or Body weight.

1. Back Squat

best home exercise equipment for weight loss

A lot of calories are burnt by squatting. Usually this is the exercise of the legs! But other muscles with legs, it becomes a compound exercise due to the joint being involved.

Squat will create tension on the quarts, hamstrings, glute muscles. You can do this with a home appliance such as: barbell, resistance band, dumbbell, etc.

2. Deadlift

trampoline exercise weight loss

Deadlift is the best compound exercise that most people do in the gym. If you are unable to go to the gym due to lockdown, you can also do it at home with resistance band, barbell or dumbbell.

Muscles such as lower back, glutes, hamstrings, shoulder, biceps, wrist etc. are included when performing deadlifts.

4. Crunches

exercise during periods for weight loss

Most people do this exercise to reduce stomach. But I would like to tell them that if you have a fat layer on your stomach, then it will have to be reduced first, only then your abs will be visible.

In this exercise, rectus abdominis muscles ie Rectus abdominis muscle and Obliques are included. By doing this exercise, micro tiers and micro trauma will come, which will make the muscles grow well.

5. Bent over Row

whey protein weight loss without exercise

Bent over row exercise is the strength exercise targeting the back muscles. This mainly trains Latissimus Dorsi ie Middle Back and Rhomboids muscle trains. This exercise also strengthens the back. At home, you can do this exercise with dumbbell, weighted barbell, resistance band.

does exercise speed up weight loss in ketosis

Conclusion: You must have understood that to reduce lower belly fat, not only abdominal exercise but compound exercise is also needed. You can also do some cardio exercises with these exercises at home.

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