5 FREE Types of Flour to Help in Weight loss

5 Types of Flour to Help in Weight loss

Diet and food nowadays people keep their lifestyle. Nowadays, the emphasis is on adopting the same lifestyle as your ancestors used to be healthy.

Whether it is the consumption of decoction or the consumption of vegetables or the matter of eating before the sun sets. In today’s time, the reason for not being fit is the high consumption of unhealthy and processed food along with lifestyle. The biggest example of this is flour.

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Earlier, the elderly ate rotis made of wheat, millet, jowar and maize flour. But today fine flour of maida and floor mill is being used to make bread in the hotel. It increases unhealthy weight ie fat / fat . Also invites Physical Problems.

There are many factors that cause obesity and food is also one of them. Your lifestyle, mental health, food habits etc. also contribute to this.

Apart from keeping these things right, if you pay a little attention to the flour you eat, it can help to reduce weight to a great extent.

Flour has different types of ingredients and the nutrients present in them help the body to fight against diseases. These things help in achieving your personal goal.

For example, if you are looking for healthy flour for weight loss, then you should consume low carbohydrate flour. Today, we will tell you about some flours that are low in carb and weight can be reduced by using that flour.

  1. Millet Flour


Best flour to lose weight

Eating millet flour is very beneficial. The biggest advantage is that millet flour is gluten free. If you are allergic to gluten, you can eat millet family flour flour. It contains both jowar and millet.

Jowar is rich in Protein , Calcium and Iron. It reduces the risk of heart disease as well as cholesterol. It also has cancer fighting properties due to the presence of antioxidants.

Millet is a good source of energy, which helps in the designation. Bajra flour, which is beneficial for the heart and has the ability to increase insulin sensitivity, also benefits diabetes patients.


  1. Wheat flour

Best flour to lose weight

Most people in Indian homes use wheat flour to make bread. However, the variety of wheat varies from place to place, according to which the test of bread and some nutritional value can be different.

Wheat is a good source of fiber , healthy carbs and fat . It normalizes bad cholesterol and high blood pressure as well as reduces the risk of diabetes .

Refined flour is also a part of the wheat family, which is prepared by removing the skin of the wheat. But this food is not considered beneficial for health because it contains little fiber.

All wheat-based flours contain gluten. Therefore people with gluten allergy should stay away from wheat flour.


  1. Quinoa Flour

Best flour to lose weight

Quinoa is a 100 percent vegetarian reference protein, which means that all the proteins in it are absorbed by the body. Quinoa flour is another low calorie flour that fitness freak people eat more.

Apart from this, so much protein is found in egg white. You just need to grind the quinoa seeds and grind them finely. Quinoa is considered as a healthy flour substitute. It suppresses hunger to a great extent and keeps you away from eating unhealthy food. You will not be able to get its full benefits by consuming mixed with ghee, oil or sugar.

  1. Soy flour


Best flour to lose weight

Soybeans are brewed to make soy flour, which comes in options of complete fat and low fat. It is very high in vitamins and minerals . The most important omega-3 fatty acid is found in it, which is one of the vegetarian sources.

But an excess of soy floor can increase the amount of estrogen in men. Therefore, consume it only in small amounts.

Soya products increase the amount of estrogen in men. I click on this link to get the opinion of Dietician about this.


  1. Rice flour

Best flour to lose weight

Most people in South India use rice flour only. There, dosa, idli, uttapam and aapam etc. are made from it. All these are beneficial for health. You can also consume these foods made of rice to lose weight. They are lighter and will also help in reducing weight.

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